Stained Glass Interior Vestibule Door

Stained Glass Interior Vestibule Door . Construction Engineered Oak .

The stained glass panels have been produced using traditional methods.

We have used brilliant cut glass design florettes and a central ruby red chrysanthemum which we have incorporated into

these stained glass panels.The backround glass is made from handfloated glass identical to that used in antique stained glass doors.

The colours are pastel greens and ambers  with an amber  border.

We have copied a period antique reclaimed Victorian stained glass vestibule door incorporating the Victorian sense of proportion, such as the wide mid, bottom and side rails .

The door pictured has been finished using Briwax Antique brown wax .

Available in sizes :
27 x 78 X 1 3/8 inches
30 x 78 X 1 3/8inches
32 x 80 X 1 3/8inches
33 x 78 X 1 3/8inches

price is inclusive of stained glass panels.

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Stained Glass Interior Vestibule Door

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