External Downham Stained Glass Door

Here is Our external version of the interior vestibule door or Downham door. We have used the same colour schemes as the internal versions .

The stained glass panels have been produced using traditional methods.

We have used amber hand spun rondels and a central amber chrysanthemum which we have incorporated into

these stained glass panels.The backround glass is made from handfloated glass identical to that used in antique stained glass doors.

The colours are pastel greens and ambers  with an amber  border.

If you wish to have your door painted or varnished an extra £288.00 will be added to the price.

Please note the price quoted  for painting or varnishing is for the exterior surface only.

 We can apply a clear sealer or white primer to the internal surface @ £42.00 inc vat , this can be left as is or can be over painted varnished or waxed as required.

Dimensions : 34 x 82 x 1 3/4 inches


36 X 84 X 1 3/4 INCHES

External Downham Stained Glass Door

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