3 saints

These antique stained glass panels form a rare and exquisite set of three. The focal point is a captivating depiction of St. Francis of Assisi  feeding birds, adding a touch of serenity and compassion to the ensemble. Complementing this centerpiece are two additional panels featuring St. Anthony of Padua and St. Killian, each contributing to the overall visual narrative with their unique symbolism and artistic representation. This collection not only showcases remarkable craftsmanship but also captures the essence of religious devotion and storytelling through the artistry of stained glass.

The price is for the set of 3 panels + packing & shipping to be confirmed .

Each stained glass panel is set into a hardwood frame:

All 3 panels are free from cracks.

The dimensions of each panel are appx W: 21 inches  x  H: 20 inches

3 saints

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